Treetops Tree Services are qualified tree specialists who strive to provide the best quality of service and expert advice.

Our services include:

Tree removal

Sometimes trees become unsafe, die or are planted in unsuitable locations. Treetops Tree Services offer a comprehensive, professional and safe tree removal service on all sized trees. We are particularly experienced in large and difficult removals.

Pruning & shaping

Our qualified arborists can prune and shape any sized tree. We aim to achieve a balance between tree health and aesthetics. We understand how important the trees form and shape is in a garden space.

Deadwood removal

Removing the deadwood from trees is good maintenance practice to keep the crowns tidy and reduce the risk to residents from falling branches.

By tidying up deadwood we can monitor tree health through subsequent growth periods & the presence of additional dieback.

Power-line clearing

Treetops Tree Services has Evo Energy accredited tree surgeons who will safely and efficiently clear branches from power-lines, power poles and overhead cables.

Evo Energy regularly inspect Canberra’s neighbourhoods to check power-line clearances, and will notify homeowners if they require trees to be pruned away from the lines.

Mulch delivery

Mulch is a great way to retain moisture in the soil & keeps the temperature of your soil more consistent – ideal to do before extreme cold (to insulate) or hot weather (to retain moisture).

Treetops Tree Services offers mulch deliveries (10 cubic meters) within the inner north, inner south and Belconnen areas.

Stump grinding

We can grind your stumps below ground level.  This is advantageous when repairing lawn and cleaning up garden beds.  It is also good to reduce the available wood in the ground near buildings so termites are less likely to build nests.